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Yavapai County Bail Bonds has accumulated a series of frequently asked question, FAQs.  If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please call us at 928-567-8813

What are the Agreements on a Bail Bonds Contract?

  • You agree to get the Defendant to each of his court hearings.
  • You agree to have the defendant call us once per week and after every hearing to report there next court date, and any changes to there status.
  • You agree to notify us immediately of any changes to the defendant’s address, phone number, or employment.
  • You agree to notify us immediately if the defendant gets arrested.
  • You promise to reimburse us for any loss on our bond  (Including: forfeited bail amount, and actual expenses like attorney fees, fugitive recovery fees, travel, etc).

When Do I Get My Money Back?

If you posted the full bail amount with a credit card, or deposited / wired funds to our bank account, your bail will be refunded once the court has exonerated and returned the bond to us.  This typically happens 2-4 weeks after sentencing.  The fees are non-refundable

When Do I Get my Collateral Back?

If you put up physical collateral, all collateral will be returned upon the exoneration of bond.  We must receive the Order of Exoneration before we can release the collateral.  If the bond was posted in cash, we must receive the check back from the court.

What Forms of Collateral Do You Take?

Bonds under $10,000

The full bail amount and fee must be paid for all bonds under $10,000; we cannot accept personal property as collateral on bonds less than $10,000. However, Yavapai County Bail Bonds can accept cash, credit card charges, wired funds, bank deposits, or Zelle on the full bail amount; upon exoneration of the bond and its return by the court, we will refund your entire bail amount (fees are non-refundable).

Bonds $10,000 and Larger

Real estate or cash can be used for collateral on bonds larger than $10,000.  Qualifying real estate would be a frame built home with enough equity and value above the bail amount.  The suitability of real estate property will take into account, location, equity, and resale value.  The property can be in any state except Texas, Colorado, Illinois, or New York.

What happens if the Defendant Fails to Appear

When a defendant fails to appear for a hearing, the court will issue a Bench Warrant for the arrest of the defendant and set a bond forfeiture hearing.  The court may forfeit the bond if there is no justifiable cause presented to the court for the Failure to Appear, .  If the court finds that there is justifiable cause, the court may exonerate some or all of the bond.

What Happens if the Defendant Skips Bail?

When the defendant purposely fails to appear for his hearing (skips bail), the court will typically forfeit the entire bond  and you will owe that forfeited bond amount.  If the bond was paid in cash, the court will forfeit the cash.  If property was used for collateral, you will need to pay cash for the forfeited bond.  When you cannot pay for the forfeited bond, your collateral may be sold to cover our loss.  If the sale of your collateral does not cover the forfeited bond amount, you will owe us the balance.  Under those circumstances when the collateral gets sold for more than the balance owed, you will receive the excess back.

Fugitive Recovery

If a defendant fails to appear and the court issues a warrant for his/her arrest, a Fugitive Recovery agent may be retained in order to get the defendant back in jail.  Recovery agents charge fees that range from 10-15% of the bond amount, plus expenses.  Recovery agent fees are borne by the client (indemnitor).  If the client used property collateral for the bond, then the choice of hiring a recovery agent would belong to the bondsman.  If the client paid for the bail in cash, then the choice of hiring a recovery agent belongs to the client.

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